Curriculum / Philosophy

At BMH-BJ Preschool, it is our mission to provide your children with a warm, nurturing, educational environment. Our educational philosophy incorporates early childhood education best practices that emphasize

  • developmentally appropriate emergent curriculum
  • play-based practice that fosters exploration and builds confidence
  • a strong Jewish identity highlighting Jewish values at every age level

Jewish concepts and values are deeply embedded into each educational unit to enrich everyday learning in a meaningful and developmentally appropriate way. Your child will use art, song, movement, food, storytelling, and emergent literacy to help explore the universal themes expressed in Jewish culture and religion.

Play-Based Curriculum: Play is an opportunity to engage in active, independent, self-sufficient, cooperative learning that encompasses both physical and social contexts with open-ended materials. It incorporates hands-on activities and learning.

Emergent Curriculum: The goal of an emergent curriculum is to thoughtfully plan, engage, and incorporate children’s interests in a developmentally appropriate curriculum. Through observation, engagement, and reflective practice teachers can learn about their students’ skills, interests, and needs to create a successful emergent curriculum. Emergent curriculum goes hand-in-hand with a play-based curriculum because it is self-directed and open-ended. A successful emergent curriculum is co-constructed with teachers, students, and the environment.

Learn what this means for your age child.

Children in our nursery are guided to explore their worlds in a safe, nurturing environment. Our nursery infants receive extra love and care from three of our school’s veteran teachers in one of Denver’s largest nurseries. There is a separate sleeping room, too, where every child receives their own crib. You can be confident your baby will be loved and nurtured!

In our classroom for 1 year olds, the teachers guide the children to become active participants in the educational program. Children begin to make activity choices that ensure they enjoy learning and are excited to explore their world.

Our 2 year olds are encouraged toward independence and self-regulation through music, art, movement, and language. At this age, your child will begin to develop a love and understanding of the Jewish values built into our curriculum.

In our classroom for 3 year olds, your child begins to develop the foundation for lifelong skills, such as conflict-resolution, self-regulation, teamwork, and self-expression. The children continue to build on letter and number recognition, as well as verbal and visual cues. They are exposed to a variety of subjects encompassing both Jewish and academic values.

Kindergarten readiness is the primary focus of our Pre-K classroom. In a positive, nurturing, supported environment specifically for four year olds, your child will be encouraged and challenged to explore, make connections, and grow. Our Pre-K curriculum includes a variety of emergent learning experiences to help your child build the academic, physical, and social skills needed to be ready for kindergarten, while continuing to build a strong Jewish identity.

For more than three decades, BMH-BJ Preschool has been a premier center for excellence in Jewish early childhood education in the Denver community. As an inclusive community, we welcome everyone to learn and grow with us.