Pre-k kids at graduation ceremony

Partnering with Families

We believe parents play a critical role in a child’s learning experience. A strong teacher-parent partnership allows for a better understanding of a child’s specific needs both inside the classroom and at home, and provides you, as parents, greater insight into the classroom experience.  

We want every family, regardless of religious affiliation to feel welcome, safe, and included in our community. At BMH-BJ Preschool, you will have many volunteer opportunities to support and participate in the school through classroom activities, as room parents, through our parent ambassador program, Shabbat party, and other holiday celebrations.

Partnering with the Community

To enhance our Jewish curriculum and our celebration of Jewish culture and heritage, we take advantage of many collaborative opportunities with other Jewish organizations. Through these partnerships we are able to bring many unique hands-on experiences into the classroom. Some examples:

We also look for opportunities to partner with secular community organizations such as The Denver Green School, the Denver Botanic Gardens, and the Denver Zoo to enhance our general curriculum and learning experience. We operate in conjunction with the synagogue, working closely with the clergy, staff, and community. The clergy supports our staff and families, offering opportunities for learning, celebrating holidays, as well as family and personal milestones.