countdown to renovation

Rubber playground surface


This is an example of what pour-in-place rubberized surfacing looks like via Pro Playgrounds. In addition to rubberized surfaces, we’ll also have designated synthetic turf and sand areas.


Starting on October 22, 2018, we will begin by removing the fence, sand surfacing, and old play equipment. Then, we will install new pour-in-place rubberized surfacing along with synthetic turf, sand areas, and a concrete area for ride-on toys, all of which will provide our preschool with a safe play surface.

Lastly, we will place unique, modern, age-appropriate natural play structures in each area of the playground.



Upon completion of this playground renovation, we will be able to:

  • Provide our children with a safe playground.
  • Allow children with special needs to use and enjoy the area and its activities.
  • Encourage active, imaginative play.
  • Offer a play area inspired by nature that celebrates modern playground design and philosophy.
  • Offer active play options to increase physical activity and reduce childhood obesity.
  • Serve as a vital community asset.


We have many plans for outdoor music walls, art spaces, gardens, and more. This is an example of one outdoor music wall (credit:

Qualistar Colorado Capital
Fund Grant Recipient

In 2017, we received $30,000 from Qualistar toward our preschool playground renovation project. This grant is for Colorado-based nonprofit and for-profit early childhood education programs, including family child care, that serve children younger than age five and are in need of outdoor facility improvements. Now, we need your help reaching our goal of $250,000 to start and complete our playground renovation!


When you click “sponsor” below and navigate to the sponsor page, please be sure that for “Type” you choose “Preschool Playground Fund.”

* There will be an option to purchase individual donor bricks as well. 

Climber stack playground rendering


This is an example of an outdoor climbing stack using natural wood materials via SSP UK. We intend on implementing nature-inspired equipment across our playground.


Donations made by individuals qualify for the Colorado Child Care Credit: Taxpayers that make a qualifying monetary contribution to promote childcare in Colorado may claim an income tax credit of 50% of the total qualifying contribution.