Jewish Values

Integrating a Jewish Curriculum

Jewish values and traditions are seamlessly integrated into our curriculum through developmentally appropriate activities involving play, songs, cooking, prayer, and exploration of the weekly parsha (Torah portion). Here, your child will build a foundation for Jewish life and learning.

Here’s an example of how we integrate a Jewish value into an emergent, play-based curriculum:

Bal Tashchit: Not to waste or unnecessarily destroy

Recycling in the classroom. Having a recycling bin as well as trash can. Discussing using both sides of the paper. Having a bin for paper scraps in the class.
Explore possibility of composting or visit the Green School to see if they compost. Bring in a special guest, like someone who composts at home.

– Self-regulation
– Learning about the environment
– Nurture
– Responsibility

– Studying the recycling process from start to finish.
– Making paper in the classroom

– Create signs for the different bins.
– Learn technical language for different stages of recycling and composting

– Use recycled materials to create art.

Age-appropriate songs and prayers are taught at every age level. All children participate in Shabbat prayers during the weekly Shabbat celebration. Each class builds upon this foundational list in a developmentally appropriate fashion to help the children learn and enjoy Jewish blessings and songs.

Age Blessings and Songs
Infants Modeh Ani
1s Modeh Ani, Hamotzi
2s Modeh Ani, Hamotzi, Shema, Aleph Bet
3s Modeh Ani, Hamotzi, Shema, Aleph Bet, Mezonot
Pre K Modeh Ani, Hamotzi, Shema, Aleph Bet, Mezonot, Shehecheyanu
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