Potty Training 101

Don’t Train During Transitions

When it comes to potty training, you do not want to start during times of transition, including:

  • Start of a new school year
  • Impending birth of a sibling
  • Moving schools, houses, or town

Transitions are already hard enough on a young child, but adding potty training into the mix can make it even harder — and you can face regression after the transition is over, making the entire process even harder on your child. 

Use a Rewards System

If your child has expressed all the classic signs of being ready for potty training, one way to get them trained is through a rewards chart system. Read more on the Centers for Disease Control website, plus download a chart and get training!

Additional resources

Here are some great resources for reading more about potty training, which generally begins around 24 to 36 months. 

Need More Help?

If you’re debating whether your child is ready for potty training or are having trouble with a child aged 4 or older who refuses to use the loo, speak with your doctor or reach out to Children’s Hospital Colorado’s Corporate and Community Relations Specialist Katherine Collins about the next potty training class at katherine.collins@childrenscolorado.org or 720-777-8909.